HD2 Pair of Tracks and Wheel Set - Generation 3A - DISCONTINUED

  • HD2 Pair of Tracks and Wheel Set - Generation 3A - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

The generation 3 tracks are similar to the generation 2 tracks with the same positive timing. The difference is the guide or alignment cleats. They are tapered and made of black UHMW. The wheels are also chamfered to match the guide cleats. The generation 3 tracks do a much better job staying on track in the harshest of situations.

The wheels are CNC cut from 1" thick Rubber and sandwiched between 1/2" UHMW that are chamfered. Each wheel has two sealed ball bearings in them. Each wheel has a #35 30 tooth chain aluminum chain sprocket mounted to it. The wheel shafts are 3/4" 6061 Aluminum steped down to 5/8" for the included sealed ball bearings, then steped down again to 1/2" with a flat spot milled onto it for fastening to the tensioners. The wheels come unassembled, you need to bolt them together per the HD2 manual. The wheels weigh 4.4lbs.

The tracks are 4" wide and have CNC machined timing holes on them to match the HD2 wheels. The tracks have UHMW guides screwed into the side for better tracking. The track is spliced together with a aligator clip. The inside of the track and the aligator clip are painted with a rubber epoxy. The nominal center to center distance of the wheels is 28.375". If you are not using this with the HD2 your design must allow for alignment and tensioning. The weight of each track is 4.5lbs.

  • Width: 4"
  • Length: 85.0" (inside circumference)
  • Pitch of Timing Holes: 1.89"
  • # of Timing Holes: 45
  • Wheel Spacing (nominal): 28.38" (8.9" OD Wheels)


The drawing does not show the chamfer on the outside UHMW that matches the chamfer on the track guides.


This item weighs ~30 pounds and is built to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipment for standard length tracks, 3-5 weeks for custom length tracks.

This is a complete set of wheels (4 drive wheels) with two matched tracks. You need 1 of these for the HD2. These are Generation 3 tracks with an aggressive tread pattern.

HD2 Pair of Tracks and Wheel Set - Generation 3A - DISCONTINUED

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