USED LT2 Pair of Tracks and Wheel Set - Aggressive Pattern - DISCONTINUED

  • USED LT2 Pair of Tracks and Wheel Set - Aggressive Pattern - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

The wheels are CNC cut from 1/2" thick rubber and sandwiched between 1/2" UHMW. The UHMW is then chamfered to match the track internal cleats. The idler wheels are the same as the drive wheels, only no teeth on the 1/2" thick rubber and no drive sprocket. Each wheel has 1/2" ID bronze bearings through them. The drive wheels have a #25 32 tooth chain sprocket mounted to them. The wheels come assembled.

The tracks are ~2 7/8" wide and have CNC machined timing holes on them to match the LT2 drive wheels. The tracks have UHMW guides attached to the sides for better tracking using a custom CNC made jig. The track is spliced together with a alligator clip. If you are not using this with the LT2 your design must allow for alignment and tensioning. These tracks are a more aggressive pattern than the standard LT2 tracks. They are thicker and have a more aggressive patter for climbing, but they will result in higher current draw and more vibration than the standard LT2 Tracks.

  • Width: 2.8"
  • Length: 60.5" (inside circumference)
  • Pitch of Timing Holes: 1.89"
  • # of Timing Holes: 32
  • Wheel Spacing (nominal): 19.88" (6.6" OD Wheels)


The complete track and wheel set weighs ~ 10.5 pounds and is ready to ship.

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This is a complete set of wheels. It includes two drive wheels, two idler wheels, and two matched tracks. They have been used on a demo robot and show slight signs of wear but still have plenty of life left in them. Your robot will need approximately 20 inch center to center wheel base. Your chassis design should allow some adjustment to get the proper tension on the tracks.

The LT2 tracks are designed specifically for the LT2 Tactical Surveillance Robot. These tracks are designed and built to take extreme abuse. They are the same tracks that passed the rigorous NIST qualification testing. The guide cleats are tapered and made of black UHMW. The wheels are also chamfered to match the guide cleats. These LT2 tracks do a excellent job of staying on track in the harshest of situations.

USED LT2 Pair of Tracks and Wheel Set - Aggressive Pattern - DISCONTINUED

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  • Availability: Discontinued

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