Garagino - ON SALE

  • Garagino - ON SALE

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Garagino is an Arduino UNO Compatible board developed by GarageLab team for makers who want smaller and cheaper prototypes.

The board is small, you can attach directly to a breadboard. Use it in robots, automation, data acquisition, and many other projects.

It comes with the powerful 28-pin DIP ATmega328 microcontroller pre-programmed with Arduino UNO's Optboot bootloader.

You can power it from 1.8 to 5VDC. So you can use it with 3.3V sensors and other devices, like SD cards for example.

To program Garagino you can use any USB/Serial converter, or even your Arduino. Just take the ATmega328 out of the Arduino and connect the pins RX, TX, RST and GND.

But the fastest way is using the GarageLab's USB/Serial converter, just plug it, program and done! You can disconnect the module and use with the next Garagino. You can program dozens Garaginos with the same module.

Garagino - ON SALE

  • Product Code: MCU-080-000
  • Brand: GarageLab
  • MPN: LDG0192
  • Availability: 4 In stock
  • $13.14
  • $8.00

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