Dual Motor Garagino - ON SALE

  • Dual Motor Garagino - ON SALE

Features and Specification

  • Power jumper to Garagino: 5V
  • Max voltage(Motor): 30V
  • Max current (Motor): 600mA
  • Compatible Shields: Mini Ethernet Shield e Mini RF Shields (Transmitter and Receiver)

Documentation and Support

The Dual Motor Garagino is a pratical shield develop for Garagino. It´s an excelent solution for those who wants to control robotics plaraforms such as Zumo, o Magician, Tank Tamiya and Multi Chassis using the Garagino, besides that, Dual Motor Garagino has 6 headers for connection up to 6 sensors (A0 to A6) and 2 headers for servo connection (D4 and D9). Also is compatiable with the Mini Ethernet Shield, and Mini RF Shields as well, allowing you to trigger loads via Ethernet or RF.

NOTE: The pins used by this shield are D5, D6, D7 and D8.

NOTE2: The 8 headers available could be used to any other goal, they are extensions of Garagino's pins to facilitates the sensors, and servos connection.

Dual Motor Garagino - ON SALE

  • Product Code: TE-262-002
  • Brand: GarageLab
  • MPN: LDG0260
  • Availability: 1 In stock
  • $19.14
  • $8.00

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