Configurable - 2WD Self Balancing Robot - IG32 DM - DISCONTINUED

  • Configurable - 2WD Self Balancing Robot - IG32 DM - DISCONTINUED
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If you select the assembled option you are going to receive a robot balancing and the code used for it. The unassembled option you can download the code from our Git Hub, you may need to tune the PID.

This robot comes with motors with encoders by default. They are required to make the robot work properly. Our motors use hall-effect encoders. For more information on the encoders check out these blog posts:

Contact us if you need help selecting options or need a custom configuration.

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  • This item is Discontinued.
  • Assembly will add approximately 1 week.
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See the options below.

This is a configurable robot kit with selectable options at the bottom of the page. The options are pre-selected to reflect our recommended configuration but can be changed to suit your needs.

This Arduino self-balancing Robot platform is designed and fabricated in North Carolina USA by SuperDroid Robots, an industry leader in robotics. This robot kit includes the CNC cut base intended for our IG32 gear motors. The chassis is a rigid gusseted aluminum frame (1/8") that is precisely fabricated using state of the art CNC equipment. It is designed for all our planetary IG32 and IG32P gear motors with or without encoders. It is NOT intended for our right angle IG32 gear motors. This robot platform is specifically designed for direct driving wheels and hubs (listed in the options below). If you need this robot customized beyond the provided options below, contact us.

This kit is a perfect platform for learning Arduino, PID control, serial communications(Serial, I2C, SPI), PWM signals, IMU filtering, etc.

Configurable - 2WD Self Balancing Robot - IG32 DM - DISCONTINUED

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