SPAR - Autonomous Indoor/Outdoor Security Robot

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  • Weatherproof Enclosed Chassis for outdoor patrols.
  • Wheeled drive system for indoor/outdoor use.
  • 360° HD Camera System
  • Infrared cameras for Night patrols
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Autonomous ROS SLAM navigation systems
  • GPS, 360° 3D LIDAR, Encoders, IMU, Onboard Computers
  • GUI to set and schedule patrol routes, monitor, and receive alerts
  • Patrol and Manual Operation modes
  • SMS/Email Notifications when activity is detected

    Available Options

  • Docking/Charging Stations
  • 4G connectivity

We want our security robots to match your exact needs and budget. SuperDroid Robots custom builds robots and we can customize your solution too. Let us know what features you want to be included in your patrol robots! Just contact us with your security needs!

The Platform

One of the first issues to tackle is mobility. Security robots need to handle a variety of obstacles and terrain. Whether it’s pavement, gravel, or ground, it can’t impede the patrol robot. The system needs to hold the equipment for performing its duties.

Our engineers develop a variety of autonomous platforms. Based on that experience, we chose our HK-1500 platform to serve as the platform for our security robot. The combination of a powerful motor system, large internal storage, and off-road capabilities make it an ideal base!

Camera Systems

A good security system needs to be able to not only move through an area but also display what’s going on. To accomplish this we use multiple cameras across the robot, along with a 360° PTZ dome camera atop a mast. These cameras provide complete coverage of the area around the patrol robot, as well as the ability to track moving objects. Infrared capabilities make the system even more effective for night patrols, revealing things the human eye might miss.

Autonomous Pathing and 3D LIDAR

If your security robot is going to patrol an area, it needs a way to know that path. Autonomous pathing allows our system to learn a patrol route while being capable of adjusting that path as needed. The ability to set sequences of waypoints based on GPS coordinates makes patrolling even easier. Interested in learning more about autonomous robotics? Check out our article on autonomous robotics.

SuperDroid Robots utilizes a Linux-based Robot Operating System (ROS) to control our security robot. This allows us the flexibility needed to make navigation and control even smoother.

Your robot not only needs to be capable of patrolling an area but also know how to avoid obstacles and moving objects. We use a 3D LIDAR system to allow our security robot to detect changing conditions and react accordingly. Learn more about 3D LIDAR and other sensors in our support article. While patrolling, the system can detect out-of-place objects such as people, vehicles, or other obstacles and adjust its path. This protects not only the robot but the things around it.

Contact us and we’ll be glad to get started on your custom security robot.

A 3D LIDAR point cloud generated by the security robot as it patrols


Tracking where your robot is on its patrol is important. We utilize a GPS system to monitor the location of the security robot, as well as enter additional patrol points. Add a point of interest to check out before continuing on the standard route, or adjust the speed of the robot to cover more ground. Tracking is improved through the use of encoders and IMU systems in the robot. Different systems of tracking GPS can be used, check out our article on GPS sensors.

Access and Control

Finally, controlling this system is critical. We’ve developed a web interface GUI (graphical user interface) that allows secure access to the robot from anywhere in the world. This interface allows the operator to control the 360° dome camera, send waypoints, and review captured footage. This allows for security to be maintained without a physical presence on the property. The system even allows for manual control of the robot when the operator is nearby. Due to the interface being web-based, it is compatible with almost any internet-connected device! Whether you are on a desktop or a phone, you'll be able to access your security robot and keep tabs on your facility.

The ability to send notifications with pictures is also available when performing an autonomous patrol and anomalies/situations are observed by the security robot. At which point the user can log into the GUI and take control and investigate further. Using 2-way audio the user can converse with the suspect and capture all the video of the event.

Object Recognition and Identification

Humans are creatures of habit. Our vision is trained to notice things that don't belong or are out of place. Using computer vision, security robots can be taught to react in a similar fashion. A combination of neural networks, hardware, and data collection makes it possible to train a robot to identify objects. With this technology, security robots can learn to recognize a trespasser and send an alert to the main system.

Computer vision identifying multiple individuals and vehicles

Meet SPAR, an autonomous security robot built by SuperDroid Robots! This Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) can be customized to fit the client's needs and is ideal for patrolling and protecting perimeters and property. A complex suite of sensors and cameras allow SPAR to observe and detect unusual activity. From trespassers to unknown license plates and open doors, SPAR can spot trouble! The array of HD cameras provide a live feed so you can keep an eye on things. That includes a 360° IR PTZ camera for nighttime operation! SPAR utilizes our HK1500 All-Terrain Heavy-Duty Platform, allowing it to traverse rough terrain with ease!

3D LIDAR and other sensors collect a constant stream of data. This data is then sent to a ROS environment in an NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier for processing. This serves as SPAR's brain, using the information to make realtime decisions. Computer vision and neural networks use that information to recognize and identify a variety of objects, obstructions, and people. SPAR can then determine if it should adjust its course to avoid obstacles or send an alert about trespassers.

SuperDroid Robots constantly explores new ideas and technology for security robots. With our focus on custom robotics, we're able to build to your specific requirements! Below are some typical features you'll find with our security robots.

SPAR Security Robot Pricing Starts at $50k.Pricing varies based on features/quantity selected.

SPAR - Autonomous Indoor/Outdoor Security Robot

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