ATR Standard Wheel and Shaft Set Pair - 6.75 inch - DISCONTINUED

  • ATR Standard Wheel and Shaft Set Pair - 6.75 inch - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

  • (1) Pair 6.75 Wheels
  • (2) Custom Made Shafts with hex drive matched for wheels
  • (2) 1/2"ID sealed bearings
  • (2) 1/2"ID shaft collars
  • (2) Set Screws
  • (2) Bolts for Mounting the Tires to the Shaft

The weights of the wheels and shafts are as follows: The weights are for one set - 2 wheels, axles, bearings, and hardware. The ATR wheels are sold in sets, the Omni-wheels are sold individually. The weights are in sets of 2 for easier comparison. 2 sets would be required for 4WD and 3 sets for 6WD.

Even though this item has been discontinued we still offer a wide selection of wheels and shafts in our All Terrain Robot Wheels and Shaft Sets Category.

These large ATR pneumatic wheels are 6.75 in diameter. They come as pair. This item also includes a custom machined shaft with a welded hub that matches the bolt pattern of the wheel. The shaft also comes with a bearing that mounts into the large gear motor housings, or standard gear motor housing. These are also used in our 2nd generation 32mm ATR frames and 42mm ATR frames too as well as our custom length ATR sides and our single motor mounts. Also included are shaft collars for locking the wheel in place and onto the motor.

These wheels work great with all our gear motors. The IG32 smaller motors will struggle a little, our IG32P medium motors work great, and with the our IG42 largest gear motors they will climb virtually anything. To calculate the speed of the robot just take the output RPM * wheel diameter (in inches) * 3.14 / 12 = feet per minute.

The shaft is bored with a 6mm hole for mounting onto the IG32 gear motors. If you order our large IG42 gear motor that has a 8mm shaft you will need to enlarge the hole to 8mm. These shafts are made to order and may require a 1-2 business days before shipment.

ATR Standard Wheel and Shaft Set Pair - 6.75 inch - DISCONTINUED

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