Devantech SD21 Servo Module - DISCONTINUED

  • Devantech SD21 Servo Module - DISCONTINUED


This item has been discontinued and replaced with Pololu's Maestro 24 channel Servo Controller TE-154-024


  • Number of Servo's - 21
  • Refresh Rate - 20mS under all conditions
  • Control Interface - I2C
  • Optional Controllers - Picaxe-18x, BS2p, Atom or BX-24 can be fitted
  • Position Control - Directly programmed in uS
  • Speed Control - From maximum down to 20 seconds for full rotation
  • Servo Power - separate terminals for voltage of your choice
  • Logic Power - separate terminals or from servo supply when 7.2v battery is used
  • Expansion - 3 x I2C connectors

Additional application notes, schematics, and tech support can be found at Robot Electronics.

The SD21 Control Module can control up to 21 servos.

Devantech SD21 Servo Module - DISCONTINUED

  • Product Code: TE-064-000
  • Availability: Discontinued

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