AstroFlight 110 Deluxe Charger/Discharger - DISCONTINUED

  • AstroFlight 110 Deluxe Charger/Discharger - DISCONTINUED


Cell Types Nicads and NIMH
Minimum Cells 1 cell
Maximum Cells 24 cells
Maximum Charge rate 9 amps
Minimum Charge rate 50 ma
Charge Time cut off 10 hours
Discharge Rate 1.25 amps
Discharge cut off 1 volt per cell
Current Display 50 ma to 8 amps
Voltage Display 0 volt to 40 volts
Charge time Display hrs, min and seconds
Milliamp hour Display 0 to 9,999 milliamp hours
Supply Voltage 12 to 15 volts
Supply Current 0.1 to 16 amps


This Deluxe Digital Peak Charger/Discharger can charge any 1 to 24 cell Nicad or Nimh pack, from the tiny 50 mahr cells to giant 9,000 mahr cells. The 110 can also discharge these packs and measure their milliamp-hour capacity. Works from 12vdc. You can plug it up to a car battery (NOT a car battery charger though), or you can use our 100W 12V supply that runs from 115VAC.

The source side of the charger has about 40" long 13 Gage wires with aligator clips for connecting to your 12V source. The charging end is 13 Gage ~8" long with male pinned plug and matching connetor to go you your battery.

AstroFlight 110 Deluxe Charger/Discharger - DISCONTINUED

  • Product Code: TE-073-110
  • Brand: AstroFlight
  • Availability: Discontinued

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