5V Switching Regulator Board Kit - DISCONTINUED

  • 5V Switching Regulator Board Kit - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

  • Model: DE-SW050
  • Performance:
    • Up to 30V input range
    • 83% typical efficiency, up to 87%
    • <2% ripple
    • 1A output (continuous)
    • 1.25A peak output (1 min)
    • 1.3V typical dropout voltage at full load
    • Can be put in parallel
  • Applications:
    • Battery powered applications
    • Robots
    • Point of load voltage regulation
    • Any application where a linear or LDO regulator is dissipating too much heat or a large heatsink is undesirable

This is a regulator board. It has a terminal strip with a common ground, input, and 5VDC output. Includes fuse, filter, and power LED. It uses a Dimension Engineering Switching Power Supply for maximum efficiency and isolation.

The switch mode voltage regulator is designed to be the easiest possible way to add the benefits of switch-mode power to a new or existing project. The switching regulator will allow you to take a higher voltage and it step down a 5V output in a compact, efficient manner. The switching regulator is pin-compatible with the common 78XX family of linear voltage regulators used in TE-045-000.

We use these in our ATRs to supply a regulated isolated efficient 5V supply from a battery to our motor controllers and/or RC receiver. The board is spaced out on 0.1" or more grid that is easy to solder with no surface mount components. The board is about 1.25" square.

5V Switching Regulator Board Kit - DISCONTINUED

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