Digital Color Quad Processor


Other features include freeze and zoom, motion detection, and more. Supports both NTSC and PAL systems (default is PAL, so if you are in the US you will want to change it.  It is sometimes hard to read the menu until its switched so here are the steps:  From the front panel (not the remote) (1) press the menu button and hold it for a couple seconds, (2) press enter, (3) press the down arrow 7 times, (4) press the left arrow once, (5) press and hold the menu button.)

The quad is compact (7"x5.8"x 1.6") and weighs about a pound. The power supply is a 12V 1000mA transformer 2.1mmx5.5mm center positive. We measure the current at about 300mA@12VDC.

The connectors are BNC so if your cameras are RCA (the ones we sell are) you will need adaptors.


The manual (see images) is for multiple types of Quads. The quad we sell is 4 channels with no alarms.

If you're looking for a way to monitor up to four cameras at once, then check out our flexible Color Quad Processor!

This versatile, yet affordable system takes signals from any four video cameras and outputs them to a TV monitor in either a quad display that shows all four images at once, or a dual display consisting of a main image with a small picture-in-picture window. It also has three way display with one main image and two small pictures.

This product includes the quad processor, IR remote, and a AC power supply.

Digital Color Quad Processor

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