Arduino Prototyping Shield Kit

  • Arduino Prototyping Shield Kit

Features and Specifications

  • Straight single line pinhead connector 40x1 (Qty 1)
  • Straight single line pinhead connectors 3x2 (Qty 1)
  • PCB Pushbutton (Qty 2)
  • Red LED (Qty 1)
  • Yellow LED (Qty 1)
  • Green LED (Qty 1)
  • 10K Ohm Resistors 1/4W (Qty 5)
  • 220 Ohm Resistors 1/4W (Qty 5)
  • 1K Ohm Resistors 1/4W (Qty 5)

On the Proto Shield PCB you will find:

  • ICSP header
  • Led1 and Led2 headers (with resistor headers)
  • S1 Button header
  • SOIC prototyping area up to 14-pin SOIC chip, narrow medium or wide package.
  • 10 bigger holes for special needs
  • long and easy-to-solder ground / 5V rails

The 1.0 standard pinout consist in 4 additional pins: 2 of them placed near the AREF pin, that are used for TWI communication, and the other 2 are placed near the RESET pin. The IOREF pin is used to adapt the shield to the board on which is mounted. The last one is not connected and is reserved for future uses.

Documentation and Support

SuperDroid Robots is a authorized reseller of this authentic Arduino product.

The Arduino Prototyping Shield Kit makes it easy for you to design custom circuits for your next Arduino project.

You can solder parts to the prototyping area to create your project, or use it with a small solderless breadboard (not included) to quickly test circuit ideas without having to solder. It's got extra connections for all of the Arduino I/O pins, and it's got space to mount through-hole and surface mount integrated circuits if you need to as well. It's a convenient way to make your custom circuit and Arduino into a single module.

The Proto Shield Kit allows you to move your projects from a breadboard to an Arduino-compatible PCB. Included are a number of common components.

Arduino Prototyping Shield Kit

  • Product Code: MCU-069-000
  • Brand: Arduino
  • MPN: A000083
  • Availability: 16 In stock
  • $14.60

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