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We have extensive experience designing, programming, and building robots. Whatever your needs, we have the skills and experience to customize a robot to your specifications. Our engineering and development services include a fully outfitted machine and fabrication/weld shop capable of doing rapid prototyping on site. After 20 years and hundreds of custom robots, SuperDroid Robots has acquired a great track record and is known as a trustworthy and professional provider of custom robotics and mechatronic engineering services. Have a look at some of our past successes to get an idea of how you'd like your customized robot to be built.

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Our Expertise

Success Stories


RemCAT Custom Treaded Robot

We built designed and fabricated a radioactivty detection robot for Energy Solutions. The robot was equipped with a WiFi control board so it could be controlled over a network connection. 4 cameras were mounted for a broader viewing area. A Compass and GPS were used for position location and an accelerometer was added to measure proper acceleration.

WiFi Server Robot

WiFi Server Robot for a University

We built a custom WiFi robot with a built in server for Texas Tech University with the following features: a 5 axis arm, pan/tilt camera, and fixed drive camera. Each function can be controlled by a different user. The robot runs Ubuntu and serves up the control interface and videos to the users.

Pipe Inspector

Pipe Inspector

Weighs less than 2lbs fit into a 5" Pipe. IR Camera with LED headlights, wired or tethered mode controlled from a PC. Made for inspection of Pipes and temperature monitoring.

Pipe Inspector

Industrial X-Ray Transporter

2200lbs, 7ft long, 4ft wide, 3ft high. 1ft wide Tracks. Twin 7.5HP Motors. 2000lb+ payload capacity. 10,000lb+ towing capacity. Watch the YouTube video.

Ghost hunter Chamber Base

Ghost Hunter Chamber Base

Platform designed to hold a 3ft x 3ft x 6ft tall 200lbs chamber. Robot Weights ~200lbs with long run batteries, AC inverter, built in charger. Measures 3ft x 3ft x ~1ft tall.

Camera Boom Robot

Camera Boom Robot

This robot was a camera boom mounted a 6WD robot platform with a 360+ degree swivel base, and a 110+ degree tilting head. The robot was able to look over obstacles ~4 feet tall. The robot was WiFi controlled with an IP camera mounted on the top of the arm.

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift

This robot is a scissor lift mounted on a 4WD ATR. A camera pan and tilt was mounted on top. The robot was RC controlled.

 LT Treaded robot with a 8 foot lift

LT Treaded robot with a 8 foot lift

The camera on top pans more than 360 degrees and has 110+ degrees of tilt. The lift collapses to less than 1 foot total height. See the video here.