Standard Rectangular Base - Aluminum

  • Standard Rectangular Base - Aluminum

Features and Specifications

  • The base has predrilled (laser cut) holes for mounting the following:
    • The Large base will fit both the Large and Standard Motor Housings (both diagonal for omni-bots (vectoring) and right angles for ATR bots)
    • The Standard base will fit the Standard Motor Housings (both diagonal for omni-bots (vectoring) and right angles for ATR bots). It will also fit the Large Motor Housings diagonally only.
    • CM02 RF04 Telemetry Kit
    • MD22 motor controllers
    • Magnevation motor controllers
    • OOPic I, II, and II+s
    • OOPic-Rs
    • Standard Servos for sweeping sensors or camera pan and tilt systems when used with servo hardware package
    • Perimeter holes for mounting sides or a top on the robot
  • Dimensions: The standard base is 12" x 16". The large base is 13.75" x 18".


  • This item is Built to Order 1-3 Days.
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The bases are CNC cut to ensure exact match up of hole sizes etc for mounting parts on your ATR or Vectoring Robot. The bases are made of 0.125" thick Aluminum for high strength, light weight, and it won't rust. You can also get them in 0.125" thick acrylic too so you can see through your robot. The bases can be stacked giving you lots of room for additional components. If you are going to load this robot up, the aluminum is stronger.

The bases are designed around the motor housings. The larger motor housing will only fit on the smaller rectangular base in the 45 degree position, if you plan to put the motors perpendicular (for standard straight driving) the larger motor housings will only fit the larger rectangular base.

Standard Rectangular Base - Aluminum

  • Product Code: TD-020-001
  • Brand: SuperDroid Robots
  • Availability: Built to Order 1-3 Days
  • $71.40

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