Camera 360 Pan and 180 Tilt System - HeavyDuty

Method of Control


  • For a mechanical drawing: View our mechanical drawing for complete dimensions and specifications.
  • The weight of the unit is 2.6 lbs, assembled with two HS-785 sail winch servos, brackets, hardware, 12 inch mast, housing, and gearing.
  • The pan servo is geared down 1:4, the full range of the HiTec HS-785 sail winch servo is about 4.5 turns, resulting in over 360 degrees of rotation with most RC controllers. The tilt servo is also geared down 1:4, resulting in over 180 degrees of rotation (limited by the mechanical assembly).
  • To calculate capacity, apply the 1:4 gear ratio and the distance the camera will be from the pivot point to get your torque. Use the drawing and the weight and CG of your camera to determine if the system will be strong enough. (A factor of safety should be added to this based on some minor efficiency losses from friction, etc. and how much vibration, impact, etc the system will see.) Calculations will show a 8lb camera works with no factor of safety, but we we recommend keeping it under 3 lbs or even lower if you are going to use it on a All Terrain Tobot with lots of impact and vibration.


  • This pan and tilt comes fully assembled and tested.
  • We do NOT offer it as an unassembled kit since there is a fair deal of machining and fitting of the gears, etc.


  • This item is Built to Order 2-4 Days.
  • Painting will add approximately 2 more days.
  • Need it faster? Contact us


Add 360+ degrees of Pan and 180+ degrees of Tilt capabilities to your larger cameras. These are the same pan and tilts that we have put on many of our custom robots. This system is fully assembled and has a large top platform to mounting a camera. It uses two sail winch servos with gears, etc. to pan 360 degrees (180 in each direction) and tilt 180 degrees.

The brackets and housing are made of aluminum and by default come unpainted. Since it is Aluminum it will not rust if it gets wet. We do, however, have the option below to have it painted black.

All the wires pass through the side of the tilt bracket pivot point and then down the included mast (the pan pivot point).

Camera 360 Pan and 180 Tilt System - HeavyDuty

  • Product Code: WC-003-500
  • Brand: SuperDroid Robots
  • Availability: Built to Order 2-4 Days
  • $518.08

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3 inch Mast
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