All Terrain Reinforced 6 Inch Wide Tread - DISCONTINUED

  • All Terrain Reinforced 6 Inch Wide Tread - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 6" wide at 50ft is 52lbs


Since this is a custom item, please allow 1-4 days for us to cut the treads and splice it together.

Since these treads are built to order, no returns can be accepted.

This item is an aggressive 6" wide black material. The inside of the tread is reinforced and a black rubber color. The overall tread thickness is about 0.53" with the knobs, the tread without the knobs is about 0.31" thick. The knobs/ridges are spaced out 1 every 3 inches and just about full width. The tread is fairly flexible and will work well on about a 6" wheel diameter or larger. The tread does not have internal cleats, etc. The 6" wide tread weighs about 1.4lbs/foot.

This is for a fixed length of 36 inches (3.0 feet) total belt length. We will splice the tread for you. There will only be one splice per tread (ie we won't join a bunch of short sections together to make your length). The splice can be disassembled by pulling the pin out of it. Use the options below to specify any additional length of tread you want added in feet and inches to match your design. (i.e. if you want a 4 foot 8 inch tread loop add 1 foot to the first option and 8 inches to the 2nd option). The tread will be cut to size within 1/4 of an inch (we have to space it around the knobs, so we can't get too precise). Your tread design should allow for this error and stretching of the tread over time using a tensioning device.

This is only one tread, if you want a matching set, just change the quantity to 2.

All Terrain Reinforced 6 Inch Wide Tread - DISCONTINUED

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