Wireless 900MHz Video Transmitter and Receiver Package - DISCONTINUED

  • Wireless 900MHz Video Transmitter and Receiver Package - DISCONTINUED


  • 500 mW 900MHz Transmitter
  • 900MHz Receiver
  • lightweight quarter-wave wire whip monopole antenna (qty 2)
  • RCA A/V cables

Features / Specifications

  • Transmitter:
    • Nominal 900MHz
    • USA model has one RF channel: 910MHz (FCC imposed restriction).
    • Non-USA model has four RF channels: 910MHz, 980MHz, 1010MHz, 1040MHz.
    • High RF power, 500 milliwatt.
    • Long range, >500 meters typical (unobstructed open view).
    • Composite video, supports NTSC and PAL standards.
    • Mono audio channel, standard line level input, 10KΩ.
    • FM-FM modulation.
    • SMA antenna jacks.
    • 12VDC operation.
    • 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel power jack, positive center pin.
    • 200mA typical, 250mA maximum.
    • 2.0 x 1.0 x 0.35 inches (50 x 26 x 9 mm).
    • Light weight, 21 grams (58 grams with A/V cable and antenna).
  • Receiver:
    • Nominal 900MHz
    • Four (4) RF channels: 910MHz, 980MHz, 1010MHz, 1040MHz.
    • Phase Lock Loop (PLL) stability for drift-free operation.
    • Composite video, supports NTSC and PAL standards.
    • FM-FM modulation.
    • Convenient channel select slide switch.
    • -85dBm RF sensitivity (typical), 5.5MHz audio sub-carrier.
    • Low loss SMA antenna jack.
    • RCA jacks for A/V connections.
    • Power-On LED indicator.
    • Common 2.1mm power jack (barrel type, center positive).
    • 12VDC operation, 300mA.
    • 5.2 x 3.2 x 0.85 inches (130x81x22 mm).
    • 6.5 ounces (180 grams).

The power source is not included. It must be 12VDC (9.5V-12.5V allowed). Exceeding this voltage, or reversing the power connections, WILL cause permanent damage and void the warranty. AC-mains powered applications must use a voltage regulated power supply. For portable use we recommend a 3-cell (11.1V) lithium polymer LiPO pack with a barrel plug cable. The DC input connector is a 2.1mm barrel style connector that is center (+) positive. Reversed voltages will damage the receiver.

Notice: Due to its high RF power, using the TX9-500 in the USA and other countries will require an amateur/ham radio license (some countries may forbid its use). It is your responsibility to ensure that its use meets the requirements imposed by your government’s RF spectrum regulations. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them.


Despite its small size, this 900MHz wireless A/V transmitter will transmit your video signal very far with the 500mW (milliwatt) RF output. It's ideal for ham radio, UGVs, UAVs, R/C models, video photography, surveillance, and other wireless video applications.

Due to USA FCC regulations, all TX9-500 transmitters that we ship to a USA address will have only one available RF channel (910MHZ). Transmitters shipped outside the USA will have four RF channels (910MHz, 980MHz, 1010MHz, and 1040MHZ). This restriction is imposed by the US government and we are unable to comply with requests to send the four channel version to USA destinations.

Wireless performance depends on a lot of variables. The environment you operate it, ground effects, multipath reflections, clean electrical power, interference from other electronics and RF devices, wiring method (ferrite beads, ground loops, power and signal wires being run in parallel versus separated and perpendicular, shielded wiring, etc.). Just to name a few... All these tricks to get optimal performance is an acquired art that takes lots of experimenting and experience. Therefore we will not take returns based on performance. All units are tested prior to shipping. Only DOA returns will be processed (if hooked up wrong as warned below warranty will be void). If wired and used properly 1/2 mile site on the ground should be easily achieved, even farther if elevated.

Wireless 900MHz Video Transmitter and Receiver Package - DISCONTINUED

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  • Availability: Discontinued

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