MD03 Devantech 20A Motor Driver - DISCONTINUED

  • MD03 Devantech 20A Motor Driver - DISCONTINUED

The MD03 by Devantech is a robust medium power motor driver. The driver is designed to supply power for one motor. It features several control modes. Its physical size is 110mm x 52mm x 25mm.

As supplied it can handle 20A current capacity for 5V to 24V motors and up to 290Amps in very brief repetitive pulses.

For help selecting and wiring a motor speed controller, see our motor controller support page.

Control of the module can be any of the following:

  • I2C bus, up to 8 MD22 modules, switch selectable addresses and 4 modes of operation including steering.
  • 0v-2.5v-5v analog input. 0v full reverse, 2.5v center stop, 5v full forward.
  • RC mode. Motor is controlled directly from the RC receiver output.

For Further Details see our MD03 product support page.

MD03 Devantech 20A Motor Driver - DISCONTINUED

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  • Availability: Discontinued
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