Tri-Wheel Vectoring Robot Kit - IG32 Compact - DISCONTINUED

  • Tri-Wheel Vectoring Robot Kit  - IG32 Compact - DISCONTINUED
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This is our IG32 compact tri-wheel robot that utilizes three omni-wheels to vector it in any direction. By changing the speeds and directions of the motors the robot can drive in any direction without needing to turn. This makes it very useful for navigating around the house. It works on any indoor surface or outdoors in short grass, pavement, concrete, etc. This small IG32 kit can only utilize the IG32 195 RPM motors. We have a larger kit that allows the use of any of our IG32 gear motors including gear motors with encoders.

Three (3) individual motor controller channels are needed so each motor can be controlled individually allowing it to vector in any desired heading. The robot motors need to be driven by a 24V battery. Don't forget to get your battery chargers either.

The picture below shows a small IG32 Tri-Wheel Omni wheel robot with the following: three(3) sweeping IR sensors mounted on servo standoff hardware kits. The sensors and batteries are mounted on an upper deck Triangular upper deck with standoffs. Two 12V mAHr batteries are used in series to power the motors and one 9.6V battery is used to power the microcontroller. The microcontroller controls the sensors, servos, and motors to drive the robot around looking for the best path while avoiding obstacles. The single row omni wheels are used.

Tri-Wheel Vectoring Robot Kit - IG32 Compact

When you purchase this kit you will get access to download our assembly manual upon checkout. The manual contains color images and step by step instructions, or you can opt for us to assemble it for you.

Tri-Wheel Vectoring Robot Kit - IG32 Compact - DISCONTINUED

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