OOPic SCP VB6 Software Interface - DISCONTINUED

  • OOPic SCP VB6 Software Interface - DISCONTINUED

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You can use this if you want to have two PICs talk back and forth serially without the need for wires.

The mobile transceiver board has two regulators (3.3V and 5V) to allow communications with either level TTL device. Status LEDs at both transceivers let you know the wireless link strength, status, and activity for Tx and Rx. We have set up the wireless transceiver board specifically to allow a quick and easy interface with your TTL microcontroller whether its 3V TTL or 5V TTL.

The system operates on 2.4GHz and has multiple channels that can be used. We have used these with no issues/interference and we have wireless routers, phones, and cameras running at the same frequency. Indoors the unit gets better than 300 feet of reliable range, outdoors you can achieve up to 1 mile line of site. The system is FCC compliant and operates using the following:

  • ISM (industrial/ scientific/medical) 2.4 GHz operating frequency
  • 60 mW (18 dBm), 100 mW EIRP power output (up to 1 mile range)
  • Approved for use in the United States, Canada and Europe

The wireless module is a ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 compliant solution that satisfies the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless networks. The modules are easy-to-use, require minimal power and provide reliable delivery of critical data between devices. We use the xBee-PRO modules. Due to the innovations stamped in its design, the Xbee-PRO yields 2-3x the range of standard ZigBee modules. Our system takes the xBee-PRO and adds an interface to allow you to quickly set up a wireless link with your microcontroller so you can upload programs, monitor, or control you microcontroller wirelessly.

The 2.4GHz ISM Wireless system replaces the physical serial cable by establishing a 'transparent' wireless link between your micro-controller/Serial Device and your wireless enabled PC/host device. So if you need to communicate with your mobile robot, remotely, our wireless system is an easily implemented solution.

OOPic SCP VB6 Software Interface - DISCONTINUED

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