2WD Robot Chassis with Wheels and Motors - IG32 SB - DISCONTINUED

  • 2WD Robot Chassis with Wheels and Motors - IG32 SB - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.25" Long x 16" Wide x 5.25" High (1" Ground Clearance)
  • Weight: 6.2lbs with no motors

The two drive wheels and rear caster make this robot light weight and very maneuverable. The chassis is intended to hold two 7Ahr sealed lead acid batteries. These batteries can be run in series or parallel. Holes are cut into the deck to mount these batteries, but other batteries can be used instead if desired. The chassis also has mounting holes for an upper deck, PWMs, Fuse blocks, 4 relay switch, control board, and a terminal block.

The drive wheels are 5" in diameter and we broach a keyway in them. The motor is coupled with a 1/2" steel keyed shaft that is supported by a sealed ball bearing providing a very strong and durable drive train. The caster is mounted to a rear plate that is supported by spacers.

Standard Configuration

  • Laser cut and CNC bent chassis
  • Laser cut and CNC bent motor mount (sized for selected motors)
  • Laser cut rear caster support with standoffs
  • 5" keyed drive wheels, shafts, bearings, keys, etc.
  • Rear Caster
  • Battery Mounts for two Lead acid batteries or K2 LiFePO4 batteries.
  • Hardware

Available Options

(Selected Below)

We have selected a default motor that will work well with this robot, however we have may motors with different voltages and RPM's to suit any need you may have. Additionally the motors can have encoders as well.

This robot chassis is a simple design that uses Laser cut Aluminum that is CNC bent for an exact frame that accommodates two drive wheels and a rear swivel caster. The chassis will support any of our IG32 or IG42 (75RPM and above) gear motors with or without encoders. The frame was designed for the Open Style RP2W robot, but can be used for any indoor application. As shown the chassis is equipped with the optional IG42 75RPM gear motors with encoders.

2WD Robot Chassis with Wheels and Motors - IG32 SB - DISCONTINUED

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