GPK-32 4WD Inspection Robot

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  • Dimensions: 14.5"Long X 13.5"Wide X 8.25" High
  • Ground Clearance: 2.25"
  • Capacity: Handles 5lbs. of additional payload in most terrains
  • Speed: Up to 115 fpm
  • Weight: The total weight of this robot configuration is ~13.5lbs (~14.5lbs including DeWalt Battery)
  • Assembly: Fully assembled, tested, and ready to go!
  • RunTime: 2 hours of operation depending on use


  • Remote Camera Operation: Allows the ability to start and stop recording to the provided 32 GB SD card. This feature also allows you to take snapshots while inspecting. Makes the inspection documentation process a lot easier and more organized.
  • Battery Options: We supply two 2Ahr DeWalt 20V Lithium Battery and fast charger. Note: Any 20V Lithium DeWalt battery will work with the DeWalt battery system. Optionally, you can now choose a Milwaukee battery adapter instead of our standard DeWalt. This option DOES NOT include batteries or a charger.
  • Removable Roll Cage: It is easily installed and removed. When installed, it protects the camera system on most rollover accidents. The camera and tilt mechanism is an expensive component and, if damaged from rollover, will not be covered with the warranty. The roll cage helps to protect your robot if you will use the robot to climb over obstacles and obstructions.
  • Vault Pelican Travel Case: Everything you need for this inspection crawler comes packed in a durable transport case. Pre-cut slots keep your robot, batteries, controller, and accessories organized and easy to manage.
  • We build each robot to order. This item is In stock.
  • Because of the value of this product, signature is required upon delivery

This GPK-32 is a very popular and very useful tool for inspections. If you need a custom configuration, contact us and we will be glad to provide a quote to you. The robot is being sold in the configuration listed below.

This is a complete inspection robot package, designed for the home inspector. The robot uses a 1080P High Definition Camera mounted with a custom actuated tilt bracket (-20° to +75°). The tilt bracket has high-power LED lights, allowing for visibility in dark places. With these features, the GPK-32 allows inspectors to see details in hard to reach areas. A separate transmitter sends the video image back with no lag.

This inspection robot is ideal for crawl spaces when inspecting houses. 1080P video records directly onto an SD card in the camera for full HD viewing. You control the robot using a FLYSKY remote, while a live video feed transmits over 5.8Ghz to the LCD screen. You should avoid using the GPK-32 in tunnels or areas with electrical interference. The video records onto the robot’s SD card. This means that if the video feed drops out or gets choppy, you still get a clean recording. The snapshot and record function allows you to record or to stop and start the video recording.

This inspection robot has a black chassis and uses durable components.

We build each robot at our facility in North Carolina, USA. SuperDroid Robots, an industry leader in robotics, fully supports each robot. It performs well for its size and functions as a maneuverable robot platform.

Is an inspection robot the right tool for me?

Answer: The thing to remember is that inspection robots are tools. They can not replace a skilled inspector. Buying an inspection robot doesn’t guarantee you’ll never crawl under a house again. There will be times you get the robot stuck and must retrieve it, or can not reach an area with the robot and have to crawl in yourself. Inspection robots are simply tools to help you do your job. They will not be the right tool in every situation, or for every person, but when used properly, they can absolutely help you do your job more safely, easily, and quickly. It is also necessary to have access to a computer or other device that can interact with a SD card so that you can view your photos and videos, and so you can wipe the card clean when it fills up. If you understand the limitations, then an inspection robot would likely be a valuable addition to your business.

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  • Remote Inspection - Remotely inspect areas that are not easily accessible to people. Record the video in Full HD on the provided camera and SD Card.
  • Entry into difficult areas - This wheeled robot can traverse many obstacles that often stop other robots.
  • Crawl Space Inspection - Compact and lightweight for fitting into crawl spaces. Video is viewed using the included 7-inch monitor mounted to the controller. A wireless signal must be maintained. Not recommended for pipes, culverts, long distances, etc. where the wireless signal will not work.

Wireless Operation

The video transmission is from the Robot to your Controller with 5.8Ghz. The range and performance can be significantly affected by the environment and obstructions. We have tested the video and could get up to 500 feet. However, this can be significantly less with obstructions, bad/noisy environment. The best way to operate the robot is to keep the line of sight between the robot and the remote. If that isn't possible, then it is recommended that the transmission distance (distance between the robot and the remote) is kept to a minimum. This may mean walking through the house above the robot or walking alongside the robot on the other side of a wall.

This robot not recommended for underground or long-distance pipe inspection. This is a simple and robust system for inspecting areas you that are difficult to access and/or you don't want to be. We have tested many systems for crawl space inspections, and this robot is the best solution for clear video and simplicity. If you need longer range or underground inspection, you will need to use one of our tethered inspection robots.

GPK-32 4WD Inspection Robot

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DeWalt Mount (Includes 2 batteries and 1 charger)
Milwaukee Mount (No battery or charger)

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