Configurable - LT2 Tracked ATR Robot Platform

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We base these specifications on the Standard Configuration listed below. These values may change based on the options selected.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27" x 16.5" x 7"
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Drive Method: Direct Drive
  • Speed and Payload Chart: Tracked Robots
  • Payload:
    • With default selected options: 15 to 35 pounds depending on use
    • Payload range with available options: 15 to 75 pounds
  • Speed:
    • With default selected options: 231 feet per minute (2.6 mph)
    • Top speed range with available options: 66 to 231 feet per minute

Standard Configuration

This is our recommended loadout for the TP-210-102 and includes everything listed below. This configuration includes everything needed to make it run! Other options, including assembly, are detailed in the Available Options section.

While we recommend the standard configuration, if you would like to customize your robot we offer many options you can choose from at the bottom of the page. The TP-210-102 kit allows for a wide range of customizations based on your needs. We offer a variety of motor controllers, batteries, RC controllers, and encoders so you can configure the robot to meet your requirements. The weight of the robot will vary depending on how the robot is configured (batteries are the main cause of this). You can find detailed specs such as weight and dimensions by clicking on the component and viewing its product page. For help selecting components, read the information below.

  • Gear Motors: Choose from our selection of different RPM gear motors. As you go down in RPM, your payload capacity will go up but your speed will go down. As you go up in RPM, your payload capacity will go down but your speed will go up.
  • Batteries: We offer two types of batteries with this kit: Lead Acid and LiFePO4. The lead acid batteries are good batteries but heavy and do not provide any internal circuit protection. The LiFePO4 batteries are much lighter, have internal circuit breakers to prevent damaging themselves, and can survive more charge cycles.
  • Motor Controllers: Choose from our selection of RoboteQ, Sabertooth, and RoboClaw motor controllers. In most configurations, a single motor controller is all that is required. The left side motors share a channel while the right side motors share the other channel. We offer the option to double the quantity in case you require encoders on all four motors.
  • Encoders: This robot can be configured with encoders used for odometry and/or speed control. They are very useful if you are planning on making your robot autonomous or semi-autonomous. For encoders, select motors with encoders and the appropriate motor controller and encoder hookup. Linked below in the documentation and support section are some resources that help in selecting encoder options.
  • RC Controllers: We offer several options for controlling your platform. If you are planning on using this robot with a microcontroller, Wi-Fi control package, or similar device an RC controller is not necessary.
  • WiFi Control Package: We offer an option to control your robot with a WiFi package. If you wish to have encoder feedback, there is an option for WiFi Package with encoder input.
  • Tracks: We offer one style of tracks with this robot. These heavy duty tracks can tackle any terrain.
  • Paint: You can choose to paint this robot package if you would like. Our standard color is black bedliner but you can customize this if you would like.
  • Assembly: You can choose if you'd like our team to assemble the kit prior to delivery. We offer several different assembly options. If you have selected encoders and want assembly you must select the assemble with encoders in the options section. The in-house assembly will typically add a week to delivery.
  • This item is Built to Order 1-2 Weeks.
  • Assembly will add approximately 1 week.
  • This is a heavy robot. Depending on options and quantity, it may ship Freight, if so freight costs will be added after checkout.
  • Actual delivery may vary based on workload, contact us for a more accurate delivery time.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.

This is our second generation of the LT robot. It is the same chassis that we offer with our tactical LT2 robot. The LT2 treaded robot is lighter weight than the HD2 Treaded robot. The LT2 will climb most household stairs. For more aggressive/steeper stairs or stairs with big noses (deep or no kickplates), a rear flipper is recommended as with the LT2-F Treaded Robot. The LT2 Treaded robot is an affordable treaded robot that can be easily transported (weighing about 40 lbs) and is small and can handle most terrains with its aggressive all-terrain treads. Several different motors, battery options, and motor controllers can be selected with this robot kit.

The robot is a lightweight and tough and can drive over and under many obstacles. The treads are driven by powerful IG52 gear motors with #25 chain with a 1:2 reduction to the ~ 7 inch front wheels. The robot axles are solid high strength steel so they will not bend if the robot is dropped. We have designed this robot to be as simple as possible without compromising its strength, durability, or functionality. The LT2-F tactical version of this robot has been NIST tested and qualified. This chassis also uses our LT2 track and wheels, which will not derail under any circumstance. See our LT2/LT2-F Bloodhound for a tactical solution using this robot chassis.

Configurable - LT2 Tracked ATR Robot Platform

  • Product Code: TP-210-002
  • Brand: SuperDroid Robots
  • Availability: Built to Order 1-2 Weeks
  • This item does not qualify for free shipping
  • $12,710.86

Available Options

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  • Manual linked on Item Page
  • LT2 Chassis with hardware, chains, etc.
No Drive Motors
No Battery
No Motor Controller
No Encoder Hookup Kit
No RC Controller
No Tracks and Wheels
Battery Charging system
No Battery Charger
Unpainted Aluminum
Sandblast and Paint LT Robot
Complete Assembly
Complete Assembly with Encoders

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